Asphalt Sealing & Repair

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Our Jet Black asphalt sealer is the industry-leading pavement sealcoating on the market. The high-performance formulation withstands tough Canadian weather conditions by repelling water, de-icing salts, traffic damage, gasoline, and other contaminants. The durable and flexible coating extends the lifespan of your pavement while providing a beautiful deep black finish, enhancing your property’s curb appeal. Plus, our sealcoating helps snow melt faster, making winter maintenance easier.

Maintenance can 5x the the lifespan of your Asphalt

  1. Clean the surface: Clear the asphalt surface of any debris, dirt, or dust using a blower or broom to create a clean surface for the sealer to stick to.
  2. Fill small cracks: Use specialized filler material to fill small cracks in the asphalt surface to prevent further damage and maintain the surface’s integrity.
  3. Patch larger cracks: Cut out any larger cracks or holes in the asphalt surface, fill with new asphalt, and compact it to create a smooth, level surface.
  4. Apply sealer: Use specialized equipment to apply two coats of sealer to the surface after cleaning and any necessary repairs are completed.

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